Special Issue: Global citizenship as a pedagogy of hope

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Global citizenship as a pedagogy of hope

An International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning special feature

The fields of development and global Education and Learning have gained increased profile in recent years. From being an agenda dominated by needs of policy-makers, there has been an expansion of research and literature from academics that address some of the philosophical underpinnings of the field.

The articles in this special issue reviews some of these philosophical underpinnings, from Buddhism and Islam. They demonstrate the need to consider questions of the future and the importance of social justice. These global themes however have to take account of specific local and national cultural contexts . As the 2022 Global Education Declaration states Global Education is education that enables people to reflect critically on the world and their place in it; to open their eyes, hearts and minds to the reality of the world at local and global level.

Publication date: 14 June 2023


Issue Editor

Douglas Bourn, IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society


Article list


Editorial: global citizenship as a pedagogy of hope

Author: Douglas Bourn


Beyond a pedagogy of reason: exploring a pedagogical approach for a non-Western context

Author: Aamna Pasha


Integrating planetary citizenship as a cross-curricular theme and a whole-school approach: using a value-creating approach to learning

Author: Namrata Sharma


Situating Daisaku Ikeda’s essential elements of global citizenship within contemporary scholarship: a qualitative meta-synthesis

Authors: Paul Sherman and Olivia Boukydis


Futures and hope of global citizenship education

Author: Massimiliano Tarozzi


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