Special Series: Research for All in the Global South

Research for All special series.

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Research for All in the Global South

Research for All special series.


Research for All is very pleased to attract authors and readers from the global south. This can disrupt norms that have developed in the global north by highlighting locally rooted knowledge that deserves attention to ensure fairness in knowing around the world. These authors highlight opportunities that appear in resource-poor settings. Some of these contributions came from authors who first shared their ideas and benefited from further discussion at the on-line conference for Public Communication of Science and Technology, 2021+1. Authors from this international network take advantage of our open access policy that allows authors and readers to engage with the journal with paying charges either from research teams or from libraries.

Publication date: January 2017 to the present


Article list


Bringing research alive through stories: reflecting on research storytelling as a public engagement method

Authors: Judith E. Krauss, Suma Mani, Jonas Cromwell, Itzel San Roman Pineda, Frances Cleaver
Published: 20 September 2022


Decolonization of knowledge, epistemicide, participatory research and higher education

Authors: Budd L. Hall and Rajesh Tandon
Published: 01 January 2017


Turning “evidence for development” on its head: A view from Africa

Author: Ruth Stweart
Published: 16 February 2021


Terminology and tensions within evidence-informed decision-making in South Africa over a 15-year period

Authors: Ruth Stewart, Harsha Dayal and Laurenz Langer
Published: 15 July 2017


Complexities of linking researchers with policymakers in Africa

Authors: Ismail Barugahara and Tomas Harber
Published: 15 July 2017


Exploring where science is made in an outdoor and digital museum in a Brazilian university

Authors: Tárcio Minto Fabrício, Mariana Rodrigues Pezzo and Adilson Jesus Aparecido de Oliveira
Published: 26 April 2022


Lessons from coordinating a knowledge-exchange network for connecting research, policy and practice

Authors: Tanya Wilkins and Ian Cooper
Published: 12 April 2019


A case study from Guyana of adapting engaged research design to promote ‘fairness in knowing’

Authors: Richard Holliman, Alessandra Marino, Ann Grand, Andrea Berardi, Jay Mistry, Deirdre Jafferally, Raquel Thomas, Grace Roberts, Carol-Ann Marcus, Indranee Roopsind and Anthony Roberts
Published: 17 May 2022


Water governance in two urban African contexts: agency and action through participatory video

Authors: Crystal Tremblay and Leila M. Harris
Published: 01 February 2022


A learning architecture: Developing a collective design pedagogy in Mumbai with Muktangan School children and the Mariamma Nagar community

Author: Nicola Antaki
Published: 16 February 2021


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