New directions in predictive processing

Overview of recent philosophically oriented predictive processing research. Created by Jakob Hohwy. 

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Overview of recent philosophically oriented predictive processing research. A selective sample taken mid-2019, based on a manual search of research on ‘predictive processing’ and ‘prediction error minimisation’; focused on research published by philosophers, or in philosophy journals, or on philosophical topics. In addition, some references to introductory papers, tutorials, historical sources, and a limited, illustrative sample of empirical work illustrating connections to philosophical debates. The Collection includes research where the main focus is predictive processing, mostly excluding research where predictive processing is a subtheme.

Created by Jakob Hohwy. 

Predictive coding, approximate inference; the predictive processing toolbox
Introductions Selection of introductions (Bogacz, 2017, Buckley et al., 2017, Wiese and Metzinger, 2017, Aitchison and Lengyel, 2017, Hatfield, 2002, Kwisthout et al., 2017, Ostwald et al., 2014, Swanson, 2016, Hohwy, 2007, de Lange et al., 2018)
20th Century approaches Predictive coding, cybernetics (Barlow, 1958, Craik, 1943, Ashby, 1947, Powers, 1973, Neisser, 1967, Rock, 1983, Gregory, 1980, Mumford, 1992, Hinton and Sejnowski, 1983, Frith, 1992, Seth, 2015a, Dayan et al., 1995); see also (Williams, 2018d)
Contemporary approaches Predictive processing; philosophical treatments; commentaries (Clark, 2013) including Commentaries as well as additional Commentaries in the Frontiers Research Topic on Forethought as an evolutionary doorway to emotions and consciousness, and Clark’s responses in both Behavioural & Brain Science and Frontiers. (Hohwy, 2013, Hohwy, 2010, Clark, 2016)
  Variants and alternatives (Spratling, 2010, Spratling, 2017, Heeger, 2017, Lee and Mumford, 2003, van der Helm, 2016, Radulescu et al., 2019, Grush, 2004, Eliasmith, 2003, Fazelpour and Thompson, 2015, Carhart-Harris et al., 2014)
  Bayesian brain; prospective brain (Chater et al., 2006, Tenenbaum et al., 2011, Rao et al., 2002, Knill and Richards, 1996, Bar, 2011, Frith, 2007, Rescorla, 2015, Lauwereyns, 2012)
  Bayes; criticism (Jones and Love, 2011, Colombo and Hartmann, 2017, Klein, 2016, Colombo et al., 2018, Rahnev and Denison, 2018)
  Dark room problem; novelty (Hohwy, 2015b, Friston et al., 2012, Sims, 2017, Fink and Zednik, 2017, Kiverstein et al., 2017, Venter, 2016)
  Free energy principle (Friston, 2010, Hohwy, 2015c, Hohwy, 2018a, Ramstead et al., 2019a, Allen, 2018, Allen and Friston, 2018, Clark, 2016: Appendix, Hohwy, in prep., Colombo and Wright, 2018, Colombo and Wright, 2017, Kirchhoff, 2015)


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