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The Institute of Employment Rights Journal is an annual journal published by Pluto Journals to serve the trade union movement in the UK and Commonwealth. It deals with labour law, with most of the authors being labour barristers discussing British and European law.

Print ISSN: 2398-1326 / e-ISSN: 2398-1334


Institute of Employment Rights Journal


About the Journal

The IER journal is produced annually. It covers educational themes on the existing political and legal landscape of workers’ rights and employment law in the UK. The journal also provides policy proposals for ways in which workers’ rights could be strengthened, as well as highlighting the advantages of re-empowering workers through their representative trade unions.


Aims & Scope

The Journal’s focus is to inform the debate on employment rights. It also reflects on what a system of rights fit for the 21st century might look like by offering radical policy proposals to reform workers’ rights in the UK.  We publish articles that speak to the current problems and opportunities for workers’ rights in the current industrial and political landscape. These articles help to inform trade unionists, academics and labour lawyers on how to navigate the current landscape, as well as ways to reform and change it to benefit workers. Types of articles can be diverse, ranging from articles on health & safety, different systems of collective bargaining, analysing changes to industrial action laws and future policy proposals to strengthen workers’ rights.


Journal Information

The Journal is published once a year in May. The website for the Institute of Employment Rights can be found here.



Editorial Board


Professor Keith Ewing (UK)
Lord John Hendy QC (UK)
Geoff Shears (UK)
Carolyn Jones (UK)





The Institute of Employment Rights approaches authors directly for submissions. For queries about the Journal, please see the contact information in the tab.


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