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UCL Open: Environment Preprint is the pre-publication open peer review preprint server of UCL Open: Environment. Submissions to UCL Open: Environment are posted here as open access preprint articles to undergo open peer review prior to official publication.


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Welcome to UCL Open: Environment Preprint

This the preprint server of the UCL Open: Environment megajournal, where peer review takes place in an open and transparent environment, a new open scholarship megajournal that is accepting high-quality inter- and multi-disciplinary research that showcases radical and critical thinking to real world problems with the aim of benefitting humanity. As the environment strand of UCL Open, it will focus on a broad thematic interest in all aspects of environment related research – from life and earth sciences, as well as medical, physical, engineering, and social sciences.

UCL Open: Environment offers immediate publication on a dedicated preprint server, with open peer review following publication in the journal, thereby providing an accessible, transparent and accountable publishing process. Articles will be judged on the merit and scientific validity (sound science/scholarship) of the work and the Editors are inviting submissions from any grade of researcher at UCL and beyond, at all career stages, including early career researchers, professionals and senior scholars. You can find out more about how this works on our About pages.

Here, submissions to UCL Open: Environment are posted open access preprint articles for open peer review. If an article is accepted after open peer review, the article is then officially published as version of record in UCL Open: Environment.


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You will be able to find more information regarding UCL Open: Environment, including the aims and scope, how to submit and how to review, online in the About pages.

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