Research Paper of the Future and the Reproducible Research Compendium

The Paper of the Future foresees an executable and reproducible research compendium: a FAIR+E contribution to the record of knowledge that is Findable, Accessible, Inspectable/Interoperable, Reuseable/Reproducible and Extensible. The 'Paper' metaphor is reconsidered as a different knowledge representation than today's static article, chapter, conference paper, or thesis. A #futurepaper comprises multiple research objects -- text, code, data, materials, and methods-- that, in combination, tell the full story of the research claim and make that story accessible and interactive, for humans + machines to harvest, reuse, and build upon. Some see"computational narratives" that expose the entire data-to-claim process. Others see micropublications -- discrete claims founded on shared data and clearly disclosed methods and materials.

The papers in this Collection discuss the features and functions of a #FuturePaper, or model this emergent genre.

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