Special Issue: Design Education

An Architecture_MPS journal special issue

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Design Education

An Architecture_MPS journal special issue.

This Special Issue on design education brings together theorists and educators who examine various aspects of design education, both as a self contained practice, and in relation to industry, communities, economies and society more broadly. They include case studies of teaching practice, speculations on how those practices form part of integrated dialogues across fields, and look to the future of education from varying perspectives.


Publication date: Articles are being published as and when ready on an on-going basis and will appear below.


Guest Editors

Lohren Deeg, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, Ball State University, USA.
Taylor Metz, Assistant Teaching Professor of Landscape Architecture, Ball State University, USA.
Richard Tursky, Assistant Teaching Professor of Architecture, Ball State University, USA.


Article list

Articles will be listed here upon publication.

Editorial: Re-Design Teaching Design

Authors: Taylor Metz, Richard Tursky, Lohren Deeg
Published: 1 September 2020


Roleplaying to Improve Resilience

Author: Allan W. Shearer
Published: 4 January 2021


Fostering Innovative Entrepreneurial Design Students: Exploring the Relationship between Innovation Characteristics and Attitudes towards Entrepreneurship in South African Design Students

Author: Denver Hendricks and Marina Meyer
Published: 1 December 2020


Beyond Discipline: Evolving Design Practice and Design Education in the Twenty-First Century

Author: Lara Furniss
Published: 2 November 2020


Catena: Collaboration, Cohesion and Continuity in Design Thinking and Making

Author: Lohren Deeg, Taylor Metz, Richard Tursky
Published: 1 October 2020


Design Pedagogy: The New Architectural Studio and Its Consequences

Author: Peggy Deamer
Published: 1 September 2020


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