Special Issue: When social pedagogy goes to school

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When social pedagogy goes to school

Innovative approaches promoting agency, community and democracy in formal education


An International Journal of Social Pedagogy special issue.


In the last decades, increased attention has been paid to the role social pedagogy plays - and could play - in schools. Countries across the globe are currently experiencing a backslide of their democracies and a rise in the adoption of authoritarian manoeuvres, facing inequalities in social, political, financial, environmental, racial and justice systems. While social pedagogy may emphasize different approaches within varying historical and geographical contexts to address such challenges, a common theme is the connections between the educational dimension of social issues and the social dimensions of educational issues.

Schools can reproduce and even reinforce unequal social structures and exclusionary dynamics, but they can also contribute to social change and engendering a better society. This special issue focuses on school practices inspired by social pedagogy principles and approaches. Drawing from social pedagogy's traditions of participation and dialogue, community building and empathy, human rights and justice, and the centering of voices and experiences of the most oppressed, articles in this special feature explore innovative practices that promote key concepts in the field of social pedagogy.


Publication date: From May 2023.


Guest Editors

Tara Bartlett, Arizona State University, USA
Professor Daniel Schugurensky, Arizona State University, USA


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Unsettling teacher preparation: cultivating liminality and remaking space

Authors: Tricia Gray, Aprille Phillips
Published: 23 November 2023


Cultivating cultural capital with a therapy dog in a third-grade classroom

Author: Terri Hlava
Published: 9 August 2023


Civic action on social media: fostering digital media literacy and epistemic cognition in the classroom

Authors: Mark Felton, Ellen Middaugh, Henry Fan
Published: 26 July 2023


Igniting social pedagogy through learning and teaching partnerships in a higher education context

Author: Catherine McConnell
Published: 12 July 2023


Freire for twenty-first-century, austerity-driven schools: creating positive educational relations with and among students at the margins

Author: Simon Edwards
Published: 28 June 2023


Social pedagogy and citizenship education in England: an exploration with case studies involving secondary school students in London

Authors: Amit Puni, Yvalia Febrer
Published: 21 June 2023


A human approach to restructuring the education system: why schools in England need social pedagogy

Authors: Nicola Stobbs, Carla Solvason, Stuart Gallagher, Sue Baylis
Published: 31 May 2023


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