Genomic Prediction: Plant

A virtual series on Genomic Prediction containing papers from GENETICS and G3

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Genomic Prediction




The landmark GENETICS paper by Meuwissen et al.,in 2001 launched an entire field. In recognition of this, we developed a virtual series on Genomic Prediction in the April 2012 issues of GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, with the goal of stimulating discussion in the community, and providing data for the continuation of the discourse. This ongoing series continues to grow and provide discovery and conversation and we have reorganized the body of work into a browsable format. We hope that by enabling scientists to navigate among papers of interest in their field, that the conversation will continue. The April 2019 issue of GENETICS includes a compelling review with some thought provoking elements by Wray et al.


We remain excited about the topic of Genomic Prediction and invite articles that push the boundaries. These papers in GENETICS and G3 will continue to be published in journal issues and then organized into this virtual series, thus helping to highlight your important work in the area.


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