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Frontiers of Engineering Management




Frontiers of Engineering Management (FEM) is a research journal supervised by Chinese Academy of Engineering, administered jointly by Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Higher Education Press, and published by Higher Education Press. It is a journal designed and organized in international dimensions and published in English in both print and online versions quarterly. It provides a high quality international platform for the academicians, researchers, professionals, and practitioners in the broad field of engineering management to impart and share knowledge in the form of research articles, review articles and special reports, and strives to promote the advancement of the science of engineering management, the improvement of the practice of engineering management, and the preparation of practitioners and researchers of engineering management.


Aims & Scope


General studies of engineering management:
basic theories, methods and methodologies of engineering management.

Applied studies of engineering management:
theories, methodologies and applications of engineering management in the pluralistic sectors of mechanical and vehicle engineering, information and electronic engineering, metallurgical and material engineering, energy and mining engineering, civil engineering and architecture, environmental engineering, textile engineering, agricultural engineering, medicine and health engineering, traffic engineering,hydraulic engineering, chemical engineering, etc.

Multidisciplinary studies of engineering management:
philosophy of engineering, ethics of engineering, economics of engineering, sociology of engineering, culture of engineering, politics of engineering, decision making of engineering, etc.

Studies of engineering management education:
theories and practices of engineering management education, engineering management certification international, etc.



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