Hogrefe: COVID-19 in Focus

A selection of research relevant to the current COVID-19 pandemic by Hogrefe Publishers.

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COVID-19 in Focus

A selection of complimentary readings from Hogrefe journals that will hopefully provide some food for thought


The Psychology of Pandemics

In an attempt to help in these unsettling times that are dominated by news – and, sadly, fake news – about coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic, Hogrefe’s editorial team has put together a selection of peer-reviewed scientific literature. The free access journal articles cover four broad themes:

(1) Public trust in the face of pandemics and learning from past experience;
(2) How we communicate health information;
(3) The risk of suicide in older adults in epidemics/pandemics; and
(4) Not all adverse events are negative.


Work-Life Balance in the Time of Corona

The editors of our Journal of Personnel Psychology have put together reading lists of articles published in the journal that readers may find relevant to life and work during the current coronavirus pandemic:

(1) Virtual or remote work
(2) Balancing work, life, and resources
(3) Working in health care

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