Transport Engineering and Technology

Transport Engineering and Technology collection comprises selected Open Access articles from the IET’s journal covering this field including IET Intelligent Transport Systems and IET Electrical Systems in Transportation, as well as our multi-disciplinary journal The Journal of Engineering, IET Smart Cities and IET Cyber-Physical Systems & Robotics

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Transport Engineering and Technology

The ‘Transport Engineering and Technology’ Collection highlights articles from the IET Intelligent Transport Systems and IET Electrical Systems in Transportation, and complements them with selected articles from The Journal of Engineering; IET Smart Cities; and IET Cyber-Systems and Robotics.


About the journals


IET Intelligent Transport Systems

An interdisciplinary journal devoted to research into the practical applications of intelligent transport systems (ITS) and infrastructures. ITS integrate telecommunications, electronics and information technologies - in short, 'telematics' - with transport engineering in order to plan, design, operate, maintain and manage transport systems. This integration aims to improve safety, security, quality and efficiency of the transport systems for passengers and freight, optimising the use of natural resources and respecting the environment.


IET Electrical Systems in Transportation

The central theme of the journal is to focus on the system and sub-system aspects of electrical energy including system architectures and integration, energy management, control and protection. It is aimed at all aspects of electrical power systems in modern transport applications including generation, storage, distribution and utilisation. The scope extends to all sectors of transportation: aerospace, marine (including sub-sea), automotive or land-based and rail.


The Journal of Engineering

A fully Open Access, peer reviewed journal providing a forum for the publication of original primary research findings across the full range of engineering fields, including:

  • Electronical and Electronic engineering
  • Computing and software
  • Energy and power engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Micro and nanotechnology
  • Control engineering and robotics


IET Smart Cities

A gold Open Access journal publishing the latest advances on ICT for Smart Cities. New and interdisciplinary information and communications technologies (ICT) are increasingly used to build smart and large-scale systems. ICT technologies, such as IoT, 5G, data analytics, smart sensors, and artificial intelligence have further enabled realisation of future smart cities. The journal addresses standards, technologies, systems, research, implementation, deployment, applications, benchmarking and policy. It also covers various aspects of smart cities, such as smart health, transport, energy, homes, living, and environment.


IET Cyber-systems and Robotics

A gold Open Access journal that publishes novel research and original survey articles in the broad areas of cyber-systems and robotics, which emphasizes all kinds of artificial intelligent systems (AIS) enabled by advanced electronics and modern information technologies. The journal provides a forum for multi-disciplinary research of cybernetics and robotics to reflect the most recent evolution of Weiner’s Cybernetics in an information-rich world.


IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications

A fully gold Open Access journal that aims to attract original research and survey articles dedicated to methodologies, techniques and tools for the design, implementation and operation of cyber-physical systems, including associated security and privacy issues and data analytics techniques.

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