Special issue: Social Pedagogy in the Nordic Countries

Social pedagogy in the Nordic Countries – Following the two developmental lines: social education for all and pedagogical support for those with special social and educational needs (UCL)

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International Journal of Social Pedagogy - Special issue


This International Journal of Social Pedagogy special issue on Social Pedagogy in the Nordic Countries generally stems from Hämäläinen’s (2012) definition of two main developmental lines of social pedagogy: a line of social care and welfare activities preventing and alleviating social exclusion, and a line of social education supporting growth into membership of society. In the Nordic countries, both of these lines exist in social pedagogical discussion, research and practice. The special issue aims to both discuss the existence of these lines as such and show examples of social pedagogical work on the arenas of both general and special social education.


Guest Editor

Elina Nivala, Department of Social Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Finland


Article list

Editorial: Special issue on social pedagogy in the Nordic countries

Nivala, Elina


Pictorial meaning-making in a community project in Helsinki. Freirean interpretations of a dialogical process

Hannula, Aino


Social pedagogy in a human rights context: Lessons from primary schools in Iceland

Jóhannsdóttir, Vilborg., & Ingólfsdóttir, Jóna


‘Positive recognition’ as a preventive approach in child and youth welfare services

Korkiamäki, Riikka., Kallio, Kirsi Pauliina., & Häkli, Jouni


Fostering transformational teacher agency in Finnish teacher education

Matikainen, Minni., Männistö, Perttu., & Fornaciari, Aleksi


Inequality as a social pedagogical question

Ryynänen, Sanna. & Nivala, Elina


Social pedagogical practices in Swedish welfare contexts

Cedersund, Elisabet., Eriksson, Lisbeth., Ringsby-Jansson, Bibbi., Svensson, Lars A.


Social pedagogy-informed residential child care

Timonen-Kallio, Eeva. & Hämäläinen, Juha

Harnessing Horses in Social Pedagogy: Equine assisted Social Education in School Context

Mickelsson, Ritva



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