Behavioral phenotypization of a mouse model for Alzheimer's: PDAPP = Tg(APPV717F)109Ili by Julien Colomb

Collection by Julien Colomb

Using the scienceopen platform to discuss discrepencies. A case study with behavioral studies on PDAPP mice

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neurosciences, Alzeihmer Disease, science robustness, replication

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After obtaining the list of papers related to PDAPP mice on the MGI platform, I manually checked the 99 papers for use of behavioral studies and gathered them in a collection (see link). I will now look in more details into the tests used and the results obtained and search especially for discrepencies between different studies. I am planning to use the scienceopen review system as a discussion platform, such that we could discuss differences in results obtained. I am quite excited to see how far it will go.

ScienceOpen Research
19 March 2016


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