Special Issue: Social Pedagogy and Anti-Extremism/Anti-Terrorism

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Social Pedagogy and Anti-Extremism/Anti-Terrorism

An International Journal of Social Pedagogy special issue.


This special issue examines social pedagogical practices, ideals and ambitions of social inclusion and active citizenship in the global context of anti-extremism and anti-terror politics.

The Council of the European Union formulated a European Union Counter-Terrorism Strategy in 2005, and the EU Commission has put forward a new Counter-Terrorism Agenda in 2020 to better anticipate, prevent, and respond to terrorist threats. National governments have formulated preventive strategies that target a wide range of sectors, such as education, health, faith, criminal justice, the internet, and local communities, to prevent people from becoming terrorists. Further, the strategies identify schools, kindergartens, prisons, NGOs, and other ethnic minority communities as places to have an impact on children and young people who may be at risk of radicalization, and they identify democratic values and citizenship education as examples of preventive measures. Against this background, this special issue aims to lay a foundation for a comparative analysis of the impact of transnational anti-terror policies on social pedagogical ideals, ambitions, and practices.


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Guest Editors

Associate Professor Karen Mathilde Prins, University College Copenhagen, Department of Social Education, Denmark
Associate Professor Lone Bæk Brønsted, University College Copenhagen, Department of Social Education, Denmark


Article list


Editorial: social pedagogy and anti-extremism/anti-terrorism

Authors: Lone Bæk Brønsted, Karen Mathilde Prins
Published: 02 August 2023


Our Home: a revolutionary case study in social pedagogy

Author: Basia Vucic
Published: 02 August 2023


Racism and radicalisation in Denmark: outline for a social pedagogical prevention model

Authors: Jens Christian Jacobsen, Üzeyir Tireli
Published: 27 April 2023


The paradoxes of social work in a securitised setting: the example of prevention and radicalisation in German prisons

Authors: Maria Jakob, Nadine Jukschat, Alexander Leistner
Published: 23 February 2023


Citizenship to (counter)terrorism: the need to de-securitise the Norwegian education system and create space for democratic resilience

Authors: Christian E Skotnes, Martin M Sjøen
Published: 31 January 2023



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