A multi-disciplinary architecture open access journal by UCL Press publishing scholarly papers on the social and political interpretation of the built environment.


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Principal Editor: Graham Cairns; Academic Editor: Murray Fraser 


About the journal

Architecture_MPS (Architecture_Media_Politics_Society) is a fully peer-reviewed open access journal that aims to address the growing interest in the social and political interpretation of the built environment, from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It draws on experts who can bring emerging issues of international importance to the English-speaking community, and it has published high-profile academics and emerging voices from multiple countries, including notable international figures such as Noam Chomsky and Kenneth Frampton. By linking its publications with a range of research programmes and conferences, it further raises awareness of the social importance of architecture.

Currently, Architecture_MPS publishes 8 times per year between September and July. Architecture_MPS is the official publication of AMPS, a registered non-profit research organisation.


About the Editors

The founder and Principal Editor of the Architecture_MPS journal is Graham Cairns, an author and academic currently at Columbia University, New York. He is also director of the journal's non-profit research group AMPS C.I.O. The Academic Editor for the Architecture_MPS journal is Murray Fraser, Vice-Dean of Research for UCL's Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment.


Society information

AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society) is an international non-profit research organisation. AMPS sees the definition, debates and concerns of the built environment as intrinsic to those at the heart of other social, cultural and political discourses. The territory it seeks to explore is an overlaid terrain in which the physical, material and the environmental are critically examined through the prism of the cultural, the mediatic, the social and the political.

Its focus is cross disciplinary and draws on the media, politics and the social sciences. It invites participation from all sectors: architects, planners, policy makers, artists, academics, the public and community activists. It functions as an open access platform for publication, a forum for debate through conferences and workshop, a conduit for book publications and also operates as an academic resource repository. Run by information professionals, the repository offers up-to-date materials and listings for research.

Its social aims can be defined as: promoting an understanding of the role of architecture and the built environment on communities, public health and society more broadly; engaging all its stakeholders in events and debates aimed at better understanding and communicating the needs of each party; and providing openly accessible materials such as written articles, research guides, current event listings, and a database of organisations that support these aims.



Journal Editorial Board


Dr Graham Cairns, Columbia University, USA
Prof Murray Fraser, UCL, UK


Co-ordinating Editors 

Dr Jennifer L. Gray, Columbia University, USA
Assoc. Prof C. A. Debelius, Appalachian State University, USA



Dr Silvio Carta, University of Hertfordshire, UK
Aya Alphs, University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Michail Galanakis, Independent Scholar, Finland




Please see the journal homepage for further information on submission to the journal.

All submissions should be sent to the Executive Editor. Please email your full manuscript, author CV, as well as a 300 word abstract to Dr Graham Cairns at gc[at]

UCL Press journals do not at this time currently charge an Article-Processing Charge (APC). Authors of accepted papers will not be requested or required to make an APC payment before publication of their article.



Special issues

The journal also welcomes special issue proposals. Proposals should be submitted using the Proposal Form found on the AMPS webpage. For further information, see here, or contact the Principal Editor with informal queries.


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