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This is the output collection for the Road 2 Open Meta Conference (R2OM) that was held in Leipzig on 12.09.2022 bringing together experts from the library and publishing industry to discuss challenges of metadata communication within (Open Access) publishing processes.

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On the topic of challenges in metadata communication within Open Access publishing processes, experts from the library and publishing industry discussed on 12.09.2022 at the HTWK Leipzig


The development process of all media products, from idea generation to distribution, is outlined by metadata. They are created, modified, and ultimately serve to make the media product visible and consumable. Working on a media product is always a team effort, carried out by people with a wide range of expertise. This means that the media product is viewed from different perspectives and described in different specialist languages. Even more this also applies to the OA sector. The goal therefore must be to establish consistent metadata communication at all interfaces throughout the life cycle of a media product: between people, between people and machines, and between machines. 

These goals were pursued by the teams of the research projects OA-STRUKTKOMM of HTWK Leipzig and OA-META of ScienceOpen within the framework of the projects funded by the BMBF. They investigated problems of standardization of metadata communication in the context of (Open Access) publishing processes within the framework of the projects funded by the BMBF. The results should contribute to the development of an open and integrated (Open Access) publishing ecosystem and thus to the simplification of content management.


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