4open is a multidisciplinary Open Access journal that publishes all types of articles, from different fields in natural sciences, technology, and medicine, including materials science. 4open is particularly keen to receive submissions based on interdisciplinary research.

4open includes (but is not limited to): original research and review articles, communications and letters, case reports, doctoral theses, rapid reports, etc. 

(publ. by EDP Sciences)



Aims and scope

4open is an open access multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high-quality content adhering to excellence in all disciplines of science and research, including materials and engineering (see Disciplines and Topics):

  • Life Sciences – Medicine
  • Chemistry – Applied Chemistry
  • Physics – Applied Physics
  • Mathematics – Applied Mathematics


The journal promotes excellence and integrity in academic scholarship, with all articles rigorously peer-reviewed before publication. Accepted formats include: long form articles, communications and letters, reviews, case reports, doctoral theses, rapid reports, and videos. (For a full list please visit the Instructions for authors page.)


The journal is multidisciplinary and international in scope, offering a home for research papers across the “Sciences”, “Technology”, “Engineering” and “Medical” domains. Underlying these aims are the four key principles of Open Science:

  • Open Data - 4open authors are invited to upload supplemental datasets related to their research to an online repository, making it available for both human and machine reading in order to further aid the acceleration of scientific discovery
  • Open Code – authors are invited to make this publicly available in order to make the research methodology explicit and allow for the replication of processes in subsequent exploratory research
  • Open Papers - in order for research advances to achieve optimal reach and impact, 4open publishes in fully Open Access with no embargo period
  • Open Peer Review is encouraged by the journal, dependent on both the author and the reviewer’s agreement to this format. 4open believes that open peer review provides a holistic view of a published piece of work, allowing for more thorough critical evaluation



Journal standards

4open follows the standards created by Council of Science Editors (CSE), World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), regarding:

  • the duties of authors, editors, peer reviewers
  • the process of peer reviewing, journal production
  • editorial independence
  • scientific misconduct / fraud etc.
  • conflict of interest and
  • ethical standards



Life Sciences - Medicine

Björn L.D.M. Brücher
Cottbus, Germany

Interview: Meet Prof. Björn Brücher

Chemistry - Applied Chemistry

Stéphane Petoud
Orléans, France

Physics - Applied Physics

Elias Brinks
Hatfield, United Kingdom

Interview: Meet Prof. Elias Brinks

Mathematics - Applied Mathematics

Theodore E. Simos
Athens, Greece

Interview: Meet Prof. Theodore Simos

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