China Occupational Medicine

China Occupational Medicine, founded in 1974, is the earliest national academic journal in the field of occupational health and occupational medicine in China.


China Occupational Medicine


Aim & Scope


China Occupational Medicine focuses on reporting domestic and foreign research new achievements, new progress, new technology and new experience in the fields of occupational health, occupational medicine and occupational disease prevention and control as well as related disciplines,adhering to the policy of combining theory with practice, scientific research with clinical practice, popularization with improvement, keeping up with the international development trend, timely tracking research hot spots, providing academic exchange platforms for the occupational disease prevention and control center, the center for disease control and prevention, occupational health supervision departments, environmental protection departments, scientific research institutions and colleges of public health.



Editorial Board


The ninth editorial committee, youth editorial committee and consultant experts of China Occupational Medicine consist of 220 experts of occupational health, occupational medicine and occupational disease and prevention and control at home and abroad, together with more than 120 reviewers.

The editorial board and review expert team include experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO), as well as well-known and influential academic leaders in China.They have made outstanding achievements in the fields of occupational medicine, occupational health, occupational disease prevention and related disciplines.Among them, some participated in the drafting and revision of laws and regulations, and were invited by WHO, ILO, National Health Commission and relevant departments for many times to provide suggestions for the prevention and control of occupational and environmental diseases in China and even the world.

Some are tutors for doctoral and master students of famous universities in China, enjoying high reputation in the industry. Their rigorous style of study and enthusiasm for the work of the journal effectively ensure the academic quality of the journal.



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