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Our books focus on the transformative potential of the economy on tackling the great challenges of our time – such as climate change or digital transformation. 



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Murmann Verlag is one of the leading non-fiction publishers for decision-makers, doers and thought leaders.Murmann Verlag is one of the leading non-fiction publishers for decision-makers, doers and thought leaders.




Our Innovation Books are designed to support you in transformation processes and help you to continuously develop and innovate yourself and your company.

With renowned authors such as Michael Pachmajer and Carsten Hentrich, Peter Förster and Anja Kreuz and Jan Myszkowski.


The digital transformation is unstoppable. Whether new work, new technologies, artificial intelligence or digital communication: the topics of digitalisation are as extensive as they are complex. Our books therefore provide you with concrete tools for this fundamental transformation of our life together.

With renowned experts such as Verena Pausder, Thomas Ramge, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Frank Thelen and Andreas Weigendt.



Our books help with the ecological transformation by countering doomsday scenarios with concrete impulses for action. For a sustainable and climate-neutral future.

With sustainability pioneers such as Claudia Kemfert, Günter Faltin, Ferry Heilemann, Franz-Josef Radermacher and Michael Winter.


Since its foundation in 2005, Murmann Verlag has focused on politics, society and ethics. With our topics on the digital-ecological turnaround to globalisation, the focus here is on constructive dialogue on the future of our society.

With reflections by Gerd Müller, Armin Nassehi, Rüdiger Fox or Robert Jacobi.


The digital and ecological transformation are just two megatrends that are confronting our economy with changing framework conditions. Our business books take this epochal change into account and focus primarily on economic aspects that are important for our future.

Our authors here include thought leaders such as Florian Hoffmann, Lars Hochmann, Martin Kornberger, Harry Gatterer and Verena Pausder.


Our books for managers, family entrepreneurs and start-up founders are designed to help you with your next steps, such as founding a company, corporate strategy or the next step in your career.

By renowned experts such as Peter May, Oliver Greiner, Joachim Pawlik, Peter Dortans and Patrick Stähler.




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