Hogrefe: SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being

Hogrefe's collection on journal articles that can help to achieve the challenges of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

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About the collection

As SDG Publishers Compact member, Hogrefe strive to develop sustainable practices and act as champions of the SDGs by publishing books and journals that help inform, advance, and inspire action on the issues of the SDGs. As a publisher of psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry, as well as nursing, public health, and medicine, SDG goal "Good Health and Well-Being," forms the core theme of the research we publish.

UN Targets by 2030

We hope that the collection content will help to raise awareness of research that contributes to targets like

  • end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases and combat hepatitis, water-borne diseases and other communicable diseases
  • reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being
    • reducing the global suicide rate or 
    • mortality rate attributed to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease

All targets and indicators can be found here: https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal3 



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  • SDG3: Good Health and Well-Being
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