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    Review of 'MitraClip-procedure with two Mitra-Clips after indirect anuloplasty with the MONARC-device'

    MitraClip-procedure with two Mitra-Clips after indirect anuloplasty with the MONARC-deviceCrossref
    Interesting case, bad written
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    MitraClip-procedure with two Mitra-Clips after indirect anuloplasty with the MONARC-device

    Abstract: Mitral regurgitation is associated with a worsened prognosis in dilated cardiomyopathy. First standard therapy consists of a mitral valve reconstruction through heart surgery including heart lung machine. In patients with high co-morbidity, catheter-based techniques, have been developed. In the Evolution I study the MONARC-system which was implanted in the coronary sinus in the functional mitral regurgitation. A reduction in regurgitation by over 1 grade was documented in 50% of patients. MitraClip is an alternative, edge-to-edge technique, which joined the posterior and anterior leaflet by implanting a clip. It can be used for both functional and degenerativ mitral regurgitation. We reported a case of MitraClip procedure with the use of two clips and a reduction of mitral regurgitation to grade 0-1 after implanting a MONARC-device four years ago with missing relevant reduction in mitral regurgitation. With this report we illustrated the management of Mitraclip in a patient with implanted MONARC-device and technical difficulties through the bowing of the posterior anulus.

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      MONARC device,ischaemic cardiomyopathy,MitraClip

      Review text

      Dear author,
      this is a very interesting cae, but is really bad written. There are also grammatical error.
      Over all you did not mention that in this case, with the presence of annuloplasty coulb maybe have beneficial effect on durability.
      All the surgical edge to edge had an annuloplasty, and patients who did not had that experienced a failure earlier(ref Alfieri).
      Your images are very good, but I think you have o improve the way you expose this really interesting case. One of the few that are present in the world.


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