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    Review of 'Desertification And Sudano-Sahelian Peoles Perception Of Its Process'

    Desertification And Sudano-Sahelian Peoles Perception Of Its ProcessCrossref
    In this study, the authors wanted to highlight that rge Desertification is a major challenge
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    Desertification And Sudano-Sahelian Peoles Perception Of Its Process

    Desertification is a major challenge for the people of the Sudano-Sahelien region. It has resulted in hunger arising from a degraded soil, absence of portable water and general poverty. Incidentally, the action of humans has been implicated as major causative factors of desertification. It is an irony that the bearers of the burden of desertification are the major causes of the problem. Zamfara state was randomly picked from among the eleven front line states for the study. Applying the Taro Yamens formula, 500 farmers comprising 50 large scale farmers and 450 small scale farmers were selected a structured questionnaire was administered on them. Using SPSS, correlation and regression analyses were applied to test the hypothesis that states that there is no significant relationship between desertification and the perception of the people. At p=0.054, we did not reject the hypothesis that states that there is no significant relationship between desertification and the perception of the people.

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       This may be ambitious and interesting, but some important points need to be resolved. Importantly, a study must provide a critical analysis of the data. In other words, you must assess whether specific data published really stand up to scientific scrutiny. In order to achieve the above, you must clearly define your specific aims and objectives. So in your study you must develop a critical appraisal of the state of the art. This is an essential element of any article. There are important scientific questions (both conceptual and methodological) which need to be addressed with the primary studies. A study must highlight this. The introduction, which is written in clear language, covers a large number of relevant issues. Results are noteworthy, and are correct supported by similar results from the specialty literature . Try to rewrite the conclusions, I also recommend the nuance of the introduction



      I sincerely appreciate the detailed critic/observation/suggestion made irrespect of this study by Monica BUTNARIU.  I am very grateful. 

      I explain that this article is from one of a two main part study where the role of anthropogenic factors on the desertification process, on the one hand, and environmentally sensitive area indices for the Sudano-Sahelian Region on the other hand, were explored.  Care was taken to ensure that the methodologies employed met the required scientific standards.

      For this particula r study, validity and reliability of the instrument used were assured and data collection was by well-trained field assistants.  Analysis was statistically carried out and interpretation was by rule of the thumb.

      I will revisit the conclusion to ensure that the results are reflected such that they connect with the objectives of the study.

      2020-10-06 18:37 UTC

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