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    Review of 'Apolipoprotein C-III's role in cardiovascular diseases, a short review.'

    Apolipoprotein C-III's role in cardiovascular diseases, a short review.Crossref
    A short review regarding ApoC-III, but need to ameliorates english and structure
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    Apolipoprotein C-III's role in cardiovascular diseases, a short review.

    In this short review we show the important role played by apoC-III in the lipid dysregulation present in the majority of cardiovascular diseases. With emphasis on the mutations present in a minority of individuals that confer protection. With this in mind we state that apoC-III should be considered a valid target for pharmaceutical intervention and cardiovascular disease control and progression.

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      Review text

      In this paper the author tied to show an very brief review about the apoC III as a key in genesis and modulation of cardiovascular disease. The idea it's not clear as in the paper section that give attention to apoC III and CVD it' too short.

      Major concerns:
      The manuscript needs improvements in the english since the paper have shown serious errors compromising the understanding. It's strongly recommend text should be reviewed by someone has experience on scientific writing.
      Should the author mention the paper entitled: "Apolipoprotein E in VLDL and LDL with apolipoprotein C-III is associated with a lower risk of coronary heart disease" published on J Am Heart Assoc. that concludes the relation between apoC, apoE, VLDL and LDL were associated with a lower risk of CHD.
      Another critical point it's lacking of discussion of the inflammatory role of the family of lipoproteins, since the cardiovascular disease shown an important pro-inflammatory component as shown in many articles in literature, in many tissues.
      Minor concerns:
      1. The author should avoid the use of “I” in the article since the development of the text must be done in third person.
      2. In the Abstract The expression “With this in mind I...” should be changed by this statement “Data published has shonw that...”
      3. The author should consider change the follow expression "ApoC-III is synthesized chiefly in the liver and in small quantities by the intestines is the liver...." by "The main organ that produces the ApoC-III is the liver and small quantities are produced by small and large intestines."
      4. The reference style is no consistent with the style that was written the text.


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