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    Review of 'MicroRNAs : An Emerging Player In Autophagy'

    MicroRNAs : An Emerging Player In AutophagyCrossref
    A nice review highlight recent advancement in autophagy mediated by miRNAs
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    MicroRNAs : An Emerging Player In Autophagy

    Autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved self-digestion process for the quality control of intracellular entities in eukaryotes. In the past few years, mounting evidence indicates that microRNAs (miRNAs)-mediated post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression represents an integral part of the autophagy regulatory network and may have a substantial effect on autophagy-related physiological and pathological conditions including cancer. Herein, we examine some of the molecular mechanisms by which microRNAs manipulate the autophagic machinery to maintain cellular homeostasis and their biological outputs during cancer development. A better understanding of interaction between microRNAs and cellular autophagy may ultimately benefit future cancer diagnostic and anticancer therapeutics.

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      Microbiology & Virology

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      This is a review focused on autophagy mediated by miRNAs. The review is organized based on the processes of autophagy and it is clearly presented. It is a nice review for the people with interested in autophagy.


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