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    Review of '<b>How Blockchain Network Factors and Market Forces Determine Bitcoin Returns</b>'

    <b>How Blockchain Network Factors and Market Forces Determine Bitcoin Returns</b>Crossref
    I am Dr Ahmed specialized in international finance, management accounting and Sustainability
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    How Blockchain Network Factors and Market Forces Determine Bitcoin Returns

    The creation of distributed ledgers technologies for information storage spiral secured peer-to-peer interactions which allow for the invention of Bitcoin. Since its invention the price of bitcoin has exhibited excessive volatility, which have attracted undulated attentions. The study considers the isolated influence of network activities, mining (technology) and market information as fundamentals drivers of bitcoin prices. A long-term equilibrium and short-term dynamic is confirmed amongst endogenous system variables in the VECM. This supposes that any deviation from the equilibrium dynamics due to perturbations of market forces (total bitcoin supply and trade volume on exchanges), mining Information (network difficulty, Hashrate, and total transaction fees and network activity (confirmed payments and users adoptions) would be minimized. The model indicates that the cointegration relationship has a reverse adjustment effect on bitcoin return. This explains the why the price, and by implication the return experience different massive run-up, spiky protrusions, resistance, reversals, strong supports and consolidations in the short

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      Bitcoin, Bitcoin Price, Bitcoin Network Factor, Bitcoin Market Forces, VAR/VECM
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      Review text

      The author needs to check the abstract very careful and correct grammatical errors in it.

      The conclusion of the paper is not well stated and more work need to be done on recommendation.

      In all the paper is a good one.


      The author has satisfatorily carried out the review. So I recommend that the paper should be accepted 





      2023-01-19 07:22 UTC

      1. I now include one recommendation in the abstract as suggested by the second reviewer. Please refer to the last sentence of the abstract.

      2. I added another paragraph (i.e., paragraph 7) in the introduction to explicitly capture the main contribution.

      3. The suggestions for future research is now included in the conclusions (see paragraph 2 of the conclusions).

      4. All the references are checked, and they now follow a uniform style

      5. The paper was sent for professional English proofreading.

      2022-12-25 19:50 UTC

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