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    Review of 'Cultural Influences on Traditional and Modern Architecture in Ijebu-Ode'

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    Cultural Influences on Traditional and Modern Architecture in Ijebu-Ode

    Technology, available materials, economy, culture and host of other factors influence man’s dwelling and play important roles in determining the type of building he inhabits. However, little research has been carried out in order to determine the influences of culture on both traditional and modern architecture in Nigeria. The aim of this research project, therefore, is to determine and compare the influences of culture on the traditional and modern building types in Nigeria using Ijebu-Ode as a case study. Questionnaires were randomly administered both in Ita-Alapo and Obalende representing traditional and modern areas of the town respectively. Also, building typologies were randomly selected in both areas and were compared in terms of building quality, form and techniques. The results gathered were then analyzed descriptively with the use of tables and charts showing their frequencies, mean and rank. The analysis revealed that while security was the first factor that influences the types of building in the modern area (Obalende), it was the people’s family structure that determines their building type in the traditional area (Ita-Alapo). The research concluded by recommending that Nigerian architects should always endeavor to consider and incorporate the people’s culture into their designs, especially when designing where they will live.

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      A excelent work. Those article describe important concepts. 



      Thanks you so much for the review, I really do appreciate it.


      2021-03-27 10:13 UTC

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