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    Review of 'Burning Mouth Syndrome And Its Relation To Disorders Of Orofacial Pain'

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    Burning Mouth Syndrome And Its Relation To Disorders Of Orofacial Pain

    An Individual is termed to have “burning mouth syndrome” if they have burning sensations in the tongue or other oral mucous membranes, but they do not exhibit any other symptoms or abnormalities in the laboratory findings (BMS). This strategy is now being called into question since it is seen to be very restricted; it has been reported that BMS may develop in conjunction with other oral conditions. BMS might be related to disorders of orofacial pain like temporomandibular disorder (TMD), atypical odontalgia (AO) and sensory dysesthesia.

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      The topic of the review is so interesting. The authors tend to highlight the conditions that are most related to burning sensations. The language and structure of the research search were good. I was hoping that researchers would include tables in their research for all previous research on this subject. The review is suitable for publication.


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