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    Review of 'Liraglutide vs. Lifestyle Intervention in Obesity Treatment: Pros and Cons'

    Liraglutide vs. Lifestyle Intervention in Obesity Treatment: Pros and ConsCrossref
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    Liraglutide vs. Lifestyle Intervention in Obesity Treatment: Pros and Cons

    The increasing prevalence of obesity continue to trigger a cascade of other non-communicable medical conditions and further cripple healthcare financial budgets worldwide. This preventable chronic disease is a global public health concern and has been the center of past, present and future research. As an adjunct to lifestyle intervention, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has currently approved five anti-obesity medications. However, skepticism surrounding the prescription of medication is presented based on historic concerns of previously withdrawn medication. Liraglutide is among the newly approved anti-obesity medications and has shown favorable weight loss results. The choice of treatment requires a selective determination based on the specific patient population, existing chronic condition(s) and individual preferences. The goal of this review is to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of liraglutide use compared to lifestyle intervention in treating obesity. This would help individuals make informed decisions in choosing the most suitable option for treating obesity. It can be concluded that there is no single-handed approach to combat obesity. Regardless of the chosen option, individuals need to be consistent with behavioral changes and exercise in order to effectively treat and possibly eradicate this global epidemic.

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      This article gives a good overview and comparisson of non-pharmacological and pharmacological (liraglutide) measures in the treatment of obesity. It clearly emphasizes pros and cons of both non-pharmacological measures and GLP-1 agonists, in particluar, liraglutide. Treatment of obesity is indeed multidisciplinary as showed in this article. Obesity pandemic, as emphasized in this article, is indeed one of the major global health problems, and it is not discussed enough. This article is useful source of information for physicians dealing with the problem of obesity. 


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