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      Anteon hubeni a new species from Ecuador (Hymenoptera: Dryinidae)

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          Anteon is a speciose genus widespread in all zoogeographical regions, except Antarctica.

          New information

          A new species, Anteon hubeni sp. n., is described below from Ecuador, Pichincha Province. The new species is similar to Anteon oliveirai Olmi, known from Brazil, Minas Gerais. The main difference between these two species concerns the sculpture of the frons: in A. oliveirai , the frons shows two lateral keels around the orbits directed towards the antennal toruli, whereas in A. hubeni , these keels are not present. The key to the Neotropical species of Anteon is modified to include the new species.

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          An updated host-parasite catalogue of world Dryinidae (Hymenoptera: Chrysidoidea)

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            Dryinidae of the Afrotropical region (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea)

            An updated revision of Afrotropical Dryinidae is presented. Nine subfamilies, 23 genera and 430 species (including 60 new species) are treated. Six new species-level synonymies and three new combinations are proposed. Descriptions, geographic distribution, known hosts, natural enemies and type material of each species are presented, together with illustrations of the main morphological characters and keys to the subfamilies, genera and species. A complete list of references concerning the Afrotropical Dryinidae and their hosts is provided. The following new species are described: Anteon ambrense, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Anteon beankanum, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Anteon elongatum, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Anteon hoekense, sp. nov. (South Africa), Anteon mabibiense, sp. nov. (South Africa), Anteon majunganum, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Anteon malagasy, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Anteon musmani, sp. nov. (Kenya), Anteon nigropictum, sp. nov. (South Africa), Anteon nimbense, sp. nov. (Guinea), Anteon pseudohova, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Anteon sakalavense, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Anteon tulearense, sp. nov. (Kenya, Madagascar), Aphelopus sequeirai, sp. nov. (Kenya), Apoaphelopus fisheri, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Apoaphelopus wallacei, sp. nov. (Kenya), Bocchus forestalis, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Bocchus granulatus, sp. nov. (South Africa), Bocchus harinhalai, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Bocchus nigroflavus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Bocchus parkeri, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Bocchus ruvidus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Conganteon hawleyi, sp. nov. (Kenya), Conganteon sensitivum, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Crovettia afra, sp. nov. (Kenya, Madagascar), Deinodryinus ambrensis, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Deinodryinus granulatus, sp. nov. (South Africa), Deinodryinus nigropictus, sp. nov. (South Africa), Deinodryinus piceus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Dryinus bellicosus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Dryinus dentatiforceps, sp. nov. (South Africa), Dryinus erenianus, sp. nov. (Ivory Coast), Dryinus milleri, sp. nov. (Kenya), Dryinus mobotensis, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Dryinus nigrithorax, sp. nov. (Ivory Coast), Dryinus teres, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Dryinus tulearensis, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Dryinus whittleorum, sp. nov. (Kenya), Gonatopus avontuurensis, sp. nov. (South Africa), Gonatopus bellicosus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Gonatopus comorensis, sp. nov. (Union of the Comoros), Gonatopus costalis, sp. nov. (South Africa), Gonatopus flavotestaceus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Gonatopus gumovskyi, sp. nov. (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Gonatopus hantamensis, sp. nov. (South Africa), Gonatopus harinhalai, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Gonatopus karooensis, sp. nov. (South Africa), Gonatopus koebergensis, sp. nov. (South Africa), Gonatopus marojejyanus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Gonatopus minutus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Gonatopus nigropictus, sp. nov. (South Africa), Gonatopus ranomafanensis, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Gonatopus robertsoni, sp. nov. (South Africa), Gonatopus rugithorax, sp. nov. (South Africa), Gonatopus scholtzi, sp. nov. (South Africa), Gonatopus wikstrandae, sp. nov. (Kenya), Lonchodryinus madagascolus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Madecadryinus ranomafanensis, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Neodryinus bimaculatus, sp. nov. (Madagascar), Neodryinus keleboensis, sp. nov. (Democratic Republic of the Congo). The ♀ of Deinodryinus danielssoni Olmi, 1998, is described for the first time. The following new synonymies are presented: Anteon fiorii Olmi, 1984 (=A. proteicolum Olmi, 2006, syn. nov.); Anteon madagascolum (Benoit, 1954) (=Anteon brooksi Olmi, 2003, syn. nov.); Anteon zairense Benoit, 1951 (=A. terminale Olmi, 2007, syn. nov.); Aphelopus incisus Olmi, 1984 (=A. himyarita Olmi & van Harten, 2006, syn. nov.); Bocchus watshami Olmi, 1987 (=Bocchus simoni Olmi, 2005, syn. nov.); Dryinus ugandanus Olmi, 1984 (=Dryinus constantiae Olmi, 2006, syn. nov.). The following new combinations are presented: Dryinus luweli (Benoit, 1951) new comb. in place of Lestodryinus luweli Benoit, 1951; Gonatopus africanus (Benoit, 1951) new comb. in place of Aphelopus africanus Benoit, 1951; Gonatopus ghanensis (Olmi, 1987) new comb. in place of Pseudogonatopus ghanensis Olmi, 1987. Gynander specimens of Deinodryinus rusticus Olmi, 2004 and Deinodryinus steineri Olmi, 1994 are described (first gynander specimens of Dryinidae from the Afrotropical region). The authors provide well-illustrated identification keys to all species of Afrotropical Dryinidae. Online Lucid Phoenix and Lucid matrix interactive keys are provided at http://www.waspweb.org. 
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              Global guide of the flat wasps (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae)

              The flat wasp family Bethylidae Haliday lacks global scale literature on their alpha taxonomy. The only world revision for the family was by Kieffer in 1914 and is fully out of date and somewhat useless; the only catalog for the family was made by Gordh & Móczár in 1990 and does not include hundreds of changes made since then; and the most recent world genera keys were proposed by Terayama in 2003, but do not reflect the current knowledge we have for the family. Given this scenario, we present a global guide of Bethylidae with diagnoses, taxonomic evaluation, keys, and a checklist of all their extant genera and subfamilies. We visited the main collections around the world, analyzed about 2,000 holotypes, and examined at least 400,000 specimens. To eliminate homonymies, we add the prefix “neo” to the original specific epithet when possible. The family is now composed by 2,920 species allocated in 96 genera distributed in eight subfamilies: Bethylinae, Pristocerinae, Epyrinae, Mesitiinae, Scleroderminae, Lancepyrinae, Holopsenellinae and Protopristocerinae. The latter three are extinct. One new family-group synonym is proposed: Fushunochrysidae Hong syn. nov. of Bethylidae. Two incertae sedis genera are allocated into Bethylinae: Cretobethylellus Rasnytsyn and Omaloderus Walker. One new genus-group synonym is revalidated: Pristepyris Kieffer stat. rev. from Acrepyris Kieffer. Sixteen new genus-group synonyms are proposed: Fushunochrysites Hong syn. nov. and Sinibethylus Hong syn. nov. of Eupsenella Westwood; Messoria Meunier syn. nov. of Goniozus Förster; Acrepyris Kieffer syn. nov. of Pristepyris Kieffer; Apristocera Kieffer syn. nov. and Parapristocera Brues syn. nov. of Pristocera Klug; Usakosia Kieffer syn. nov. of Prosapenesia Kieffer; Isobrachium Förster syn. nov., Leptepyris Kieffer syn. nov., Neodisepyris Kurian syn. nov., Rhabdepyris Kieffer syn. nov. of Epyris Westwood; Codorcas Nagy syn. nov., Hamusmus Argaman syn. nov. and Ukayakos Argaman syn. nov. of Heterocoelia Dahlbom; Domonkos Argaman syn. nov. of Incertosulcus Móczár; Ateleopterus Förster syn. nov. of Sclerodermus Latreille. One new genus-group synonym is revalidated: Topcobius Nagy syn. rev. of Sulcomesitius Móczár. One new genus-group revalidation is proposed: Incertosulcus Móczár stat. rev. from Anaylax Móczár. The following species-group nomenclatural acts are established: 153 new or revalidated combinations, 16 new names to avoid secondary homonyms, 11 species with revalidated status, and one synonym. Keys to the subfamilies and genera are provided. The text is supported by 599 illustrations organized onto 92 plates. 

                Author and article information

                Biodivers Data J
                Biodivers Data J
                Biodiversity Data Journal
                Pensoft Publishers
                28 September 2020
                : 8
                [1 ] Tropical Entomology Research Center, Viterbo, Italy Tropical Entomology Research Center Viterbo Italy
                [2 ] University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy University of Tuscia Viterbo Italy
                Author notes
                Corresponding author: Mario Contarini ( contarini@ 123456unitus.it ).

                Academic editor: Matthew Yoder

                56613 14373
                Massimo Olmi, Mario Contarini, Leonardo Capradossi, Adalgisa Guglielmino

                This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 4.0), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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