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  • What is ScienceOpen?
  • Stephanie Dawson
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What is ScienceOpen?

What is ScienceOpen. Journal, Research Network or Preprint archive?

In fact, we will combine the advantages of all three concepts on one platform. This is why we regard ourselves as a "Research and Publishing Network". Research networks facilitate communication and collaboration among scientist. Journals manage peer review, manuscript editing and make your work public. Preprint archives emerged to satisfy the increasing demands of authors: to shorten publication times, to reach a broader audience and to consult peers for additional input. We think it's time to have "the best of all worlds" on a single freely accessible online platform to efficiently share and evaluate scientific information.

Who is behind ScienceOpen?

ScienceOpen is an independent start-up company based in Berlin and Boston. Disappointed by the status-quo in academic publishing, we started to make our own vision of scholarly communication become reality – by combining decades of experience in traditional publishing, academic research and computing.

ScienceOpen was founded in 2013 by Alexander Grossmann (Physicist and Professor of Publishing Management at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig, Germany) and Tibor Tscheke (Information Scientist, Software Developer and Content Management Specialist). Chief Executive Officer is Stephanie Dawson.

What do we believe?

We are committed to Open Science. We believe that free access to knowledge drives creativity, innovation and development. It starts a conversation and stimulates collaboration, discussion and dissent. We think it is self-evident that the results of publicly-funded research should be immediately and freely available to the scientific community and the public. Our mission is to facilitate open and public communication between academics and to allow ideas to be judged on their merit, regardless of where they come from – open, transparent and fair.

What do we offer?

ScienceOpen is a freely accessible online platform to share and evaluate scientific information. We aggregate Open Access articles from a variety of sources – opening them up to commenting and discussion.

ScienceOpen allows you set up a personal profile and to network with other scientists. It offers space and tools to organize scientific communication – from journal clubs to pre-publication collaboration. No fees will be charged for the use of these services.

ScienceOpen allows you to publish your finalized manuscript immediately – while your competitor still waits months for an editorial decision. Your work will be evaluated after publication in a Public Post-Publication Peer Review process. A versioning concept allows you to continue to improve your work by publishing a revised version based on comments and reviews by your peers.

ScienceOpen means: Access – Network – Organize – Publish

With this novel concept ScienceOpen redefines publishing as one element in a whole suite of communication tools available to the researcher. There is a lot at stake in the Open Access debate and you are invited to join us. Let's together develop publishing in the 21st century.

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