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      Minority Report: Cuban Gays in the International Media

      International Journal of Cuban Studies
      Pluto Journals
      media, Mariela Castro Espín, CENESEX, LGBT, sexual diversity


            Revolutionary Cuba has been a fixture in the international media for decades. Topics that made headlines around the globe have included Fidel Castro's death, US–Cuba relations, visits to Havana by the Pope, Cuba's international medical missions, and economic changes under Raúl Castro. One topic, however, which has been crucial to human development in contemporary Cuba, has received comparatively little media attention – sexual diversity (LGBT) rights. This study examines articles that focus on sexual diversity rights published from among the most popular news outlets of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Two fundamental questions are addressed: what is the international media's perception of sexual diversity rights in Cuba? And what does this suggest about the overall understanding of the Revolution?


            Author and article information

            International Journal of Cuban Studies
            Pluto Journals
            Spring 2017
            : 9
            : 1
            : 117-126
            Dalhousie University, Canada
            © International Institute for the Study of Cuba

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            Literary studies,Arts,Social & Behavioral Sciences,History,Cultural studies,Economics
            media,Mariela Castro Espín,LGBT,sexual diversity,CENESEX


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