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      Developments in Indian Missile Program: Options for Pakistan



            With the induction of new weapon systems in South Asia, notably BMDs, the region would gradually become prone to risk of war especially due to unresolved disputes, notably Kashmir. The sporadic events of violence and state terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir, as have been witnessed in past few months, pose serious threat to a major chuck of the entire world population. Due to mutual hostility and suspicion, role of international community, especially the major powers, would remain critical in facilitating the bilateral peace between the South Asian nuclear rivals or else possibility of a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would keep the populace of this region hostage to the nuclear radiation effects around the globe.


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            Policy Perspectives: The Journal of the Institute of Policy Studies
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            Shams-uz-Zaman is an independent scholar and visiting faculty member at Roots International University College, Peshawar.
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