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      Logistical gazes: introduction to a special issue of Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation



            This article introduces this special issue of Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation on logistics. First of all, it furnishes a brief genealogy of logistics in the modern era. Then, it frames some of the main issues in current critical debates on logistics. Finally, it presents the contents of the special issue in detail, connecting them with more general attempts to develop a ‘logistical gaze’ as a methodological perspective on the different and multiple transformations of contemporary capitalism.


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            Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation
            Pluto Journals
            1 April 2019
            : 13
            : 1 ( doiID: 10.13169/workorgalaboglob.13.issue-1 )
            : 9-14
            © Carlotta Benvegnù, Niccolò Cuppini, Mattia Frapporti, Floriano Milesi and Maurilio Pirone, 2019

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            Sociology,Labor law,Political science,Labor & Demographic economics,Political economics


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