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      Dealing with uncertainty in a context aware pre-embarkation prompter system to support independent living

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      Proceedings of the 32nd International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI)
      Human Computer Interaction Conference
      4 - 6 July 2018
      Assistive technology, Intellectual disability, Activities of daily living, Context model, Context aware system, Uncertainty, Probabilistic reasoning, Presence detection, Indoor localisation, Wayfinding


            We live in the information age, where many tasks are automated and many jobs are performed by machines. There has been a certain amount of fear about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing and its impact on traditional careers, but these developments are good news for people with disabilities. Elderly people who have lost some of their cognitive capabilities, and those who have life-long intellectual disabilities (ID) can avail of AI to become more independent and enjoy the same conveniences as the rest of society. Of course, this relies on making such systems accessible for this vulnerable group of users. Existing research has considered aids for activities of daily living including wayfinding for helping with commuting for ID service users. This work seeks to produce an assistive technology that supports people with intellectual impairment in the preparations for leaving an indoor space so that they may do so independently with only minimum interventions from the family or the caregiver.


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            July 2018
            July 2018
            : 1-7
            [0001]Dublin Institute of Technology Kevin Street, Dublin 7
            © Rifai et al. Published by BCS Learning and Development Ltd. Proceedings of British HCI 2018. Belfast, UK.

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            Proceedings of the 32nd International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference
            Belfast, UK
            4 - 6 July 2018
            Electronic Workshops in Computing (eWiC)
            Human Computer Interaction Conference
            Product Information: 1477-9358BCS Learning & Development
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            Electronic Workshops in Computing

            Applied computer science,Computer science,Security & Cryptology,Graphics & Multimedia design,General computer science,Human-computer-interaction
            Wayfinding,Assistive technology,Intellectual disability,Activities of daily living,Context model,Context aware system,Uncertainty,Probabilistic reasoning,Presence detection,Indoor localisation


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