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      Academic Motivation of High School Students at Dr. Haddis Alemayehu Secondary School

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      Education, Academic Motivation, Secondary Schools, Government Schools, Student Perception

            Author Summary


            In this study, the analysis of academic motivation among students in the DHASS revealed
            several key takeaways. First, students displayed a low level of excitement when attending
            school illustrated by the teacher, administration, and their low score in academic motivation
            level. Additionally, there were variations in their levels of motivation, which indicate the
            need for equity in addressing students’ unique circumstances. Similarly, teachers’ negative
            societal perceptions were identified as a significant factor that negatively impacted their
            motivation to teach, which indirectly contributed to low student motivation.

            Furthermore, the contrast between administration faculty and parents on student motivation
            and teacher and student contrasting thoughts on teacher motivation showed a lack of
            communication between these stakeholders. However, the school environment was seen to
            have a strong negative influence on student and teacher motivation, showing a negative
            influence on the low academic motivation of students. In contrast, teacher motivation was
            more strongly influenced by the outside environment (82.4%) and society’s low perception of
            the occupation (64.7%). This was supported by both the head teacher development and the
            teachers themselves.

            87.5% of parents, on the other hand, agreed that their children are motivated to attend and
            learn. This assumption, however, may not represent the whole parent population due to the
            small sample size of respondents. Since most surveyed parents didn’t finish secondary
            school, there is a common consensus among parents in wishing their child a successful
            academic outcome, better than themselves.

            Generally, most potential factors that could contribute to the observed decline in academic
            motivation didn’t show a statistically significant trend. Most of the collected data showed a
            noticeable standard deviation, indicating a strong divide on which factors affect students and
            to what extent. For instance, all the Likert-scale data of the student questionnaire had a
            standard deviation of 1.2 and above. Thus, it is hard to conclude such a scattered pool of perceptions.

            However, this is expected due to the abstract and subjective nature of the study;
            the data shows the need for interventions based on the unique circumstances of groups of
            students being impacted by certain influences.


            Secondary schools require continuous and sustainable efforts from all stakeholders to ensure quality and inclusive education. There have been several research studies aimed at aiding the issue of education quality, stating lack of motivation is a significant challenge to overcome. This study collected relevant data from students, teachers, parents, and administration faculty based on Slovin's formula and analysed it in SPSS to explain the abstract nature of the students’ academic motivation at the selected school. The collected data were analysed in descriptive, thematic, and inferential statistics and presented using graphs, tables, and narrations for proper data representation. The study showed that Dr. Haddis Alemayehu Secondary School's environment is the prominent factor contributing to the decreased academic motivation of students. This finding will be instrumental in utilising school resources for making the school environment motivating for students and could be applied to similar government schools of Addis Ababa.


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            ScienceOpen Preprints
            17 July 2023
            [1 ] Dr. Haddis Alemayehu Secondary School;
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            This work has been published open access under Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY 4.0 , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Conditions, terms of use and publishing policy can be found at www.scienceopen.com .

            : 17 July 2023

            The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request.
            Education,Education & Public policy,Psychology,Data analysis,General behavioral science,Development studies
            Academic Motivation, Student Perception,Government Schools,Education,Secondary Schools


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