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      Upgrade social distancing into "Airflow Inaccessible Distancing" code validated by E. coli DH5a spray viable colony counting simulation and the technical validation of COVID-19 Airborne Infection UV Quarantine Devices

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            While global attentions focus on COVID-19 immunological solutions, we believe a future possible vaccine will unexceptionally compromise to immunosenescence which will leave those older than 55 years of age inactive to any immobilization. We then validate the UV quarantine system that shielding the UV hurt instead of segregating the contagious agents in an environment validated by 10 6 cell/ml E.coli DH5a spray viable colony simulation. Various experimental designs reveal that the social distancing rule should be upgraded to the "Airflow Inaccessible Distancing"code due to the undetectable small-sized infectious aerosols, saturation secondary infection from various filtering devices & quarantine spaces, and the mixing efficiency of conventional chemical sanitizers. The new code and its integrated COVID-19 Airborne Infection UV quarantine Devices are globally the highest-efficiency systems for stopping COVID-19 from spreading under general social conditions. Portable UVC 253.7nm meters can release the safety concerns for public self-made or commercially available devices. Meanwhile, an acrylic system and relevant methods are developed to validate the performance of UV quarantine devices and conventional masks under real applications. Also, a 33 % placebo infection rate is suggested as the minimum requirement for Phase 3 clinical trials of all medical devices, vaccines, or drugs intended for COVID-19 due to the existence of human respiratory rhyme.


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            ScienceOpen Preprints
            8 January 2021
            [1 ] Innoen Gravitational Institute
            [2 ] Wuhan Torch Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd
            [3 ] McMaster University
            [4 ] Hubei Jucro Electric Co., Ltd.
            [5 ] Tsinghua University
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            This work has been published open access under Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY 4.0 , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Conditions, terms of use and publishing policy can be found at www.scienceopen.com .

            : 8 January 2021
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            The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are available in the repository: https://datadryad.org/stash
            please download supplementary videos from: http://www.innoen.org/



            To date, the only successful strategy for blocking COVID-19 is by a large-scaled lockdown at the population level. China, Thailand, and Vietnam have successfully taken this strategy to control their pandemic. The root cause is the RNA coronavirus evolution pattern, if the SARS-VOR-2 can continuously get fresh hosts, they will mutate to the acceleration speed of spreading. If we cut down their transmission pathway by a high-efficiency method such as lockdown, they will mutate to exploit the already resided hosts, such as compete well inside the host with other in vivo mobile genetic elements and become less transmissible. According to China’s experience, both SARS and SARS-VOR-2 will finally wane or mutate to a less virulent strain after 6 months to one year of a large-scaled lockdown. This is somewhat like the “pneumonia calcification” process, just happens at a population level instead of individual human lungs.


            From this fact we could understand, for any intervention method aim at COVID-19, such as vaccines, drugs, or medical devices must be mandatorily regulated to an over 99% block rate. It is highly risky to allow any vaccines or drugs that have failed to reach the “lockdown equivalent block efficiency” to be applied. Slip-through viruses will originate the mutations that make the vaccine, or the drug becomes ineffective. All antibiotic resistance, vaccine resistance, or drug resistance strains are unexceptionally born from this way. Furthermore, presently announced vaccines or drugs intended for COVID-19, not only lower in placebo infection rate but also far inferior to the over 99% lockdown equivalent block efficiency, use of them will then potentially accumulate mutations that counteract themselves, and later become the next generation of pandemic infectious agents. Then all the people will be unintentionally busy in dealing with diverse COVID-19 mutations that impotent the vaccine every year, this is not a “decent job opportunity”, but a devastating economic impact. The claim that certain vaccines can reduce the infection rate for a certain percentage is a kind of self-deception for an aggressive infectious agent like the SARS-VOR-2 virus. Most people really don’t know what such kind of claims means for the pandemic. From a personal level, anyone who injects a vaccine still can get COVID-19 infection with a certain percentage. From the population level, a lower block rate vaccine potentially creates the next generation of the pandemic in the future. If China follows such a claim and wait for this sort of lower block rate vaccines, it is impossible to see the largest population in the world can fully control the COVID-19 and its various mutations today!


            As mentioned, the lockdown is the only resolution for a pandemic; however, with a higher economic sacrifice that most nations can’t afford. Right now, our UV quarantine® devices are pending classification by Health Canada. However, from our previous experiment, they can get lockdown equivalent effects at a lower cost and fully reach "lockdown equivalent effects". 319987HA#, HC# are PPE type UVC germicidal lamps, and 319987UVD# is desktop UVC germicidal lamps. PPE type for blocking airborne infection at any public region, each person one unit; desktop type issues 30min protocol for incoming outdoor clothes, goods, groceries, etc., each family or even a small community can share one unit. They work together with proper handling can deal with COVID-19 or other equivalent infectious agents with an over 99% block efficiency. And most importantly, no matter how the infectious agents can mutate, every mutation will unexceptionally surrender under these devices. Moreover, they can be easily used by the public as well as professionals with little training. Please visit website: http://www.innoen.org/


            2021-01-19 19:35 UTC

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