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      A Physical Theory of Information vs A Mathematical Theory of Communication

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            The article "A Physical Theory of Information" proposes a new approach to physical information. Any parameter of particles in a system represented by a columnar binary matrix and the collection of all parameters for all particles constructs a giant data matrix that evolves over time due to quqntum Liouville equation. this simple model that presumed deterministic local approach to quantum mechanics, brings about a lot of consequences that unites the diffrent aspect of information theory and physics laws. Holographic principle as well as conservation of bit information amd Landauer's law are incorporated in the context of this model. The model as I call it as "Binary Data Matrix Model" (BDM) imposes the dynamics of quantum Liouville equation on the Binary matrices to derive Einstein field equation and wave function in quantum mechanics. Shannon information and statistical entropy are its outcomes as special cases and equivalence of Black holes' Euclidean actiion and entropy is proved by this model. "Bit Information Principle" as a general consequence of BDM, is compatible with Planck equation of photon's energy, De Broglie equation of wave-length of particles and Beckenstein inequality. dervation of mass-energy equivalence reveals the deep connection with special relativity. 


            In this article, I develop a general notion of physical bit information which is compatible with the basics of quantum mechanics and incorporates the Shannon entropy as a special case. This notion of physical information leads to Binary data matrix model (BDM) which predicts the basic results of quantum mechanics, general relativity, and black hole thermodynamics. the compatibility of the model with holographic, information conservation and Landauers principles is investigated. After deriving the Bit Information principle as a consequence of BDM, the fundamental equations of Planck, De Broglie, Beckenstein and mass-energy equivalence are derived.


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            ScienceOpen Preprints
            17 October 2020
            [1 ] Tehran Azad University

            This work has been published open access under Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY 4.0 , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Conditions, terms of use and publishing policy can be found at www.scienceopen.com .

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            A Physical theory of information, Binary data matrix model, Shannon information theory, Bit information principle


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