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      Radiology Science

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            To the general public, radiology is a complex and challenging area of medicine that uses medical imaging to diagnose diseases and guide treatment for patients. It provides important evidence-based medical information that plays an important role in accurate diagnosis and treatment.

            As a multidisciplinary scientific and technology field, radiology began with radiography, then gradually evolved to encompass imaging modalities such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, fluoroscopy and positron emission tomography, as well as modalities combined with emerging technologies in the fields of biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, such as image processing, artificial intelligence and big data. These methods have been applied to assist in diagnosis, therapy and prognostication.

            The past decades have witnessed explosive developments in this longstanding scientific discipline, including hybrid imaging, artificial-intelligence-based algorithms for imaging analysis and integrated 3D imaging, thus improving detail and image quality; enabling faster processing and diagnosis; and facilitating sharing via connected digital devices among remote communications. This progresses has led to challenges in the translation of the latest technological innovations from laboratory discovery to dissemination in academic and commercial settings and clinical applications. Scholarly publishing, particularly journal publishing, is considered one of the most important dissemination channels. A journal with integrity, rigor and rapid publication offers researchers, clinicians, practitioners and technicians an efficient platform to communicate with peers and industry research and development teams, and provides a trustworthy and authoritative source of information to the public.

            To serve researchers, clinicians and society at large, we are pleased to join with a panel of like-minded experts in announcing the new open-access journal Radiology Science, covering all aspects of radiology science and technology, with a focus on interdisciplinary studies in radiology combined with informatics for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. Extensive consultations with medical researchers, clinicians, and industrial research and development teams were conducted with the support of our publisher to prepare and design the journal. Together with our editorial board, we aim to provide a transparent and fair venue for scientific exchange for researchers through rigorous peer review, and to draw attention to, and find solutions for, clinical problems by encouraging clinicians to share their concerns. Simultaneously, we hope that readers will be able to interact with our board and authors as the medical research literature continues to evolve.

            Finally, we thank the community of researchers, clinicians and industry partners who write and read the articles that make this journal forward. I sincerely invite you join us.

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            Radiology Science
            Compuscript (Ireland )
            15 November 2022
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            [1]Department of Radiology, Beijing You’an Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, 100069, China
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            Medicine,Radiology & Imaging


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