Socialist Lawyer

Issue 66
01 February 2014
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
Striking art reflects his struggle3
Radical lawyering in practice4
Doing less than nothing about zero-hour contracts5
‘Hands up if you're a spy’6
Socialists sleepless in Seattle7
European champions8
Criminalising need10
Fighting to free Huber10
6th January: an effective job of countering ‘fat-cat’ image11
Shackles of misery: Paramjit Ahluwalia looks at the Government's new Modern Slavery bill12
Citizenship: Frances Webber analyses this Government's protection of human rights and, by looking at two important UK cases, worries for the future for British Muslims14
Activating the ‘equality of arms’: Daniel Newman spent a year observing lawyers and has vital conclusions for the future of criminal justice, while Siobhán Lloyd outlines our response to the consultation on advice and legal support16
Nelson Mandela, socialist and lawyer: was rightly honoured in December 2013 following his death after a long period of ill-health, writes Steven Walker20
Red ink from the Eastern Cape: Jenny Morgan on the South African artist and anti-apartheid fighter Norman Kaplan who spent 14 years in Britain22
The poetry of Brian Turner: with photography by Gilbert van Reenen24
Rio Pardo: Júlio Moreira shows that the brutal treatment of peasants reveals the true nature of Brazil today26
The odyssey of the Arctic 30: Richard Harvey on the Greenpeace activists charged with piracy28
Is the IPCC fit for purpose?: Daniela Tringale on the Independent Police Complaints Commission32
Spain guilty of violating Basque human rights: Iratxe Urizar reports on an important European Court ruling36
Guantánamo: Marjorie Cohn on the 155 detainees facing continued violations of legal principles40
The Levellers: David Watkinson looks back at the battles for democracy over 350 years ago44
Extraordinary moment46
Mac users46
Vital legacy47
Terror victims47