Socialist Lawyer

Issue 58
01 June 2011
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
March together, strike together3
Will the Lib Dems save the Human Rights Act?4
Anti-EDL protest in Luton raises wider questions4
Sedley's rousing send-off5
British forces in Iraq must be fully accountable for deaths and torture claims6
Blair's legacy6
Coalition takes unequal stance7
Zimbabwe trials protest7
Unison activists' victory — against their own union8
New campaign launched to fight legal aid cuts9
Accountability needed for private security firms9
On the march for an alternative10
Inquiringly like-minded11
Kettling and criminalising protest: Kat Craig on the use of increasingly violent and oppressive tactics by the police12
Defending the right to protest: Fiona McPhail on the recent rebirth of protest and the legal clampdown16
Interview: Gareth Peirce: Majida Bashir andYasin Patel talk to one of the Haldane Society's Vice-Presidents18
US flops after leaks show: Pablo Navarrete on WikiLeaks and the added strains on US-Latin America relations23
Tunisia in revolt: Russell Fraser reports from a delegation to meet groups at the heart of the revolution24
Legal aid: women demand rights: Catherine Briddick on an important new research report from Rights of Women26
‘T-pims’: control orders lite? Russell Fraser analyses the Government's review of counter-terrorism31
Conscious decision: Lois S. Bibbings looks at the rights of conscientious objectors within the UK military34
Rising son37
Poisonous headlines38
Righting wrongs39
Protecting due process39