Socialist Lawyer

Issue 61
01 July 2012
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
Standing up for human rights3
Defending human rights defenders4
How to stop the Coalition's employment reforms5
What are the legal issues faced by Occupy protests?6
‘Campaign Kazakhstan’ backs opposition activists7
The salute that shook the world — and still inspires8
The Rendition Project
Union leaders call for effective opposition to cuts and austerity10
‘Ecocide’ — will this be the fifth international crime against peace?11
Video shows state collusion with violent Israeli settlers12
Goodbye to minimum salary?13
Greece: towards a creditors' constitution? Jeremy Smith on how the Eurozone's ruling elite intend to bleed the Greek people dry14
Another door shut? Maryam Masalha on the axing of the independent appeal panel on school exclusions16
Interview: Mark Serwotka: Adiam Weldensae and Natalie Csengeri speak to the PCS general secretary18
Obituary: Lord Wedderburn: John Hendy QC pays tribute to an immense socialist lawyer
Haiti cholera victims sue the UN: Bill Bowring reports on an unprecedented petition against the United Nations24
Baltasar Garzón: Unlikely hero: Paul Preston on a judge sacked after branding Franco's collaborators ‘murderers’26
Egypt: defending the revolution: Taimour Lay looks at the role lawyers are playing both for and against the military regime28
Whose treason? Brian Richardson reports from a ‘treason’ trial of six socialists in Zimbabwe32
The trial of Lord Coe: As imagined by David Renton34
Stories from the ‘war’ on drugs37
Sensuous memoir38
A poor last resort38