Socialist Lawyer

Issue 60
01 February 2012
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
Diamond celebration3
Euro court detainee decision4
Extradition and human rights4
A political hearing in the Employment Tribunal5
‘Battle to defend profession from being no more than a ‘cynical business’6
Criminal justice system still fails the innocent6
ELDH: 2011 was active and productive, 2012 will be too…7
Stephen Lawrence — one lawyer's view…8
‘Clear potential for wrongful convictions’9
Obituary: Francis Khoo9
Colombian jailed for defending human rights10
The dangers behind the proposed judicial reform in Colombia10
Cuts won't save money11
Fairness? Consistency? Equality? Paramjit Ahluwalia asks why these basic tenets are absent from the post-riot sentencing12
Housing in East Jerusalem: Marina Sergides reports on an legal mission to the Occupied Palestinian Territory14
‘No event is ever correctly reported’: Jim Duffy on the case of Cait Reilly's battle over Jobseeker's Allowance18
The struggle for land right: Fiona McPhail meets people driven from their homes and a battling lawyer in Mexico22
Britain's hidden slaves: Sarah Steinhardt on the individuals who live in servitude in 21st century Britain26
Justice should not depend on luck: Gabe Tan argues that fresh evidence should not be needed to prove innocence28
Why did ETA call it off? Brian Currin on the Basque seperatists decision to end its armed struggle30
‘Their cuts not ours’? Paul Heron argues that Labour councils should not carry out austerity measures34
Slick thriller with a message37
The plague of paramilitaries38
Spirit of Allende