Socialist Lawyer

Issue 67
01 June 2014
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
Pressing need3
Manchester declares war at vibrant conference4
How bad have fees been?5
European lawyers active — from Turkey to the Balkans6
Acting in all our interests7
Providing a supportive environment8
Cultural relations and Haldane lawyers9
Congress success unites lawyers10
Equal before the law?11
Tony Benn: Liz Davies pays tribute to one of the giants of the labour movement, who died in March 201412
Mayday in Turkey: Arın Gül Yeniaras, a lawyer in Istanbul describes mass arrest by Turkish police and the subsequent occupation of the court house by lawyers to free them15
Lies, spies and cover-ups: Brian Richardson on the numerous recent revelations that are damaging the police16
Immigration special: The results of May's European elections have frightening implications. We discuss the issues facing lawyers in our 13-page special feature
Immigration detention — a shameful, inhumane system: Jed Pennington on how the Home Office fails to comply with the law20
The poetry of David Ravelo: David is a human rights defender and a political prisoner in Colombia
Government in the dock: destitution and asylum: Sonal Ghelani on Refugee Action challenging policies which leave asylum seekers hungry and destitute24
Criminalise and target ‘foreigners’: Pierre Makhlouf on the continuous escalation of policies against immigrants26
What can we learn from the European elections? It wasn't just the far right that did well, shows Siobhán Lloyd28
‘We must restore humanity back into cases’: Michael Goold reports from a Haldane meeting
Euro court half right in RMT case? Nick Bano on a crucial judgment at the ECtHR for our trade unions34
Rats in the lunchbox, mould in the mattress: living in squalor in London: Rebecca-Omonira-Oyekanmi reports on the levels of poverty that are routine today36
Bringing forty years of tumultuous history to life40
Learning lessons41
Guiding light for a fair trial42
Conscious and witty poetry42