Socialist Lawyer

Issue 86
01 January 2020
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
A busy 2020 for Haldane; a busy 2021 for Haldane!3
Challenging racist stereotypes in the UK justice system4
‘Strippers are workers’ — how union power is leading to real change6
Only a statutory inquiry into the handling of Coronavirus will do8
A hell of a ride9
Activities in place across the globe10
Tony Blair: figurehead for gay liberation and war crimes?13
GMLC – six years on and still fighting for free access to justice!14
John Clegg: campaigner, trustee and sadly missed
Piecemeal reform will never be good enough: we need systemic change16
Sir Keir Starmer QC KBE Privy Councillor17
‘Hostile Environments’ conference special report
‘They will lie and trick you’21
Yarl's Wood: learning the lessons from a history of resistance21
Co-creating a legal solution to short-term holding facilities23
‘I didn't know where I was’23
Building a Movement for Justice24
The criminalisation of humanitarianism in Europe27
Small boats and big states29
The purpose of (B)ordering Britain
Collective expulsions in the Aegean32
Strategies, solidarity and the fights for climate and migrant justice35
Transnational legal action for climate and migrant justice36
‘Workers for climate justice’: How the power of labour can contribute to the fight against climate change38
Organising to win: a panel in conjunction with the Legal Sector Workers United41
Organising undocumented workers in Barcelona42
From the archives: Thirty-one years ago: 198944
Extract: Nick Blake on the legal principles on the export of force
50 years of the NKLC48
Michaela's harrowing, flamboyant and powerful rollercoaster51
A triad of dominion that must be fought simultaneously52
Sault: powerful, beautiful, energetic and timely54