Socialist Lawyer

Issue 69
01 February 2015
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
From the chair: Fatal dose to the welfare state?3
Rage as Ferguson cop is cleared
Cuts across welfare bite: time to get organised
Haldane Feminist Lawyers: Deck stacked against victims5
Fracking — the protests and the court cases6
Assault on welfare goes on7
All across Europe — the ‘day of the endangered lawyer’8
Young Legal Aid Lawyers: Defending Magna Carta9
Murder of Nestlé worker Romero in Colombia: Complaint against Switzerland is submitted10
New roll-call of soon to be eminent left-wing lawyers11
Direct action casework / Cathy's got no home14
Tinker, tailor, lawyer, spy?18
MÉXICO 43: That which returns: A poem for Alexander Mora / Lo que vuelve: poema para Alexander Mora24
Breaches of law and violating rights26
What remains
Defending Human Rights Defenders: Iran / Colombia34
Feeding the vultures: US law in the service of the one per cent36
Access denied38
Obituary: Michael Fisher 1946–201541
‘Overseas Domestic Workers’: Britain's slaves42
More than about the closing of coal pits…45
‘More dangerous than nuclear weapons’?46
Reaching the soul in ways that news reports cannot47