Socialist Lawyer

Issue 68
01 October 2014
Socialist Lawyer
Pluto Journals

Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
Taboos and stigma need to be fought3
Revoking citizenship: ‘a form of punishment more punitive than torture’4
Unwelcome figures5
The college making space for socialism in university life6
Union links always strong7
Will food banks be just a way of life?8
Testing times for Grayling9
Cowboys are in a league of their own10
Supreme Court gives new rights to trafficking victims11
Gerry Conlon: Gareth Peirce on the death of Gerry Conlon; and why Gerry's life is a reminder that wrongful convictions happen everywhere, by Michael Naughton12
Ecocide: Prisca Merz argues it is now time to act against the large-scale damage or destruction of ecosystems16
Water cannon: In June the Metropolitan police bought a supply of water cannon from Germany. Natalie Sedacca asks if it is for preventing disorder or quelling democratic rights?20
Creating Memory is our Weapon: Photo essay featuring the work of B+ and Coleman of the famous march in 2001 on Mexico City by the insurgent Indian people of Chiapas
Black and dangerous? Rebecca Omonira asks why are black people with mental health problems more likely to be heavily medicated, restrained and detained against their will?28
The United States, Colombia and the spread of the death squad state: Daniel Kovalik looks at how the US maintains its ‘false-positive’ nightmare in Colombia36
Swiss judiciary declines justice: Annelen Micus reports on the murder of Colombian Nestlé worker and Sinaltrainal trade unionist Luciano Romero38
One of many Saturdays in prison: Camilo Insuasty-Obando recounts visiting his mother, a leading political campaigner, in prison in Colombia40
New York's toxic justice for the Ecuadorian oilfields: Corporate America dumps on Ecuador's indigenous people, argues Alexander J. Preiss42
System chose cover up over justice44
Much to learn from courageous youngsters45
‘Our past illuminates the present’46