Socialist Lawyer

Issue 87
01 January 2021
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
Perversity of British 'law and order'3
'David and Goliath' judicial review brought against CPS over rape and sexual assault4
Justice for Pat Finucane: the fight continues7
Ain't no place like the Home Office8
British parliament flirts with sex work regulation9
'There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in'10
From ELDH to IADL and around the world12
A war on arms sales
From Mozambique to Moss Side: fighting for Black Liberation14
Our view: Litigate to victory!15
Obituary: David Graeber and why we need to #CancelTheDebt16
Prevent 'review' boycott highlights a strategy that is not fit for purpose17
Haldane meeting: Lawyers, revolution and the Middle East: Ten years of rebellion
Tribunal decides bosses saw trade unionist as the 'enemy within'19
Victory for the Stansted 15: No deportations! No borders!20
'People must stand up against injustice. We are very proud of the protesters'
So where's the apology?24
Reclaiming the night: Images from 13th March at Clapham Common
'Be seen, be heard'
Victory for the Shrewsbury pickets38
60 years of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs40
The Misuse of Drugs Act: 50 years of failure45
Everything we've ever done, everything we ever do…48
Arming us with clarity in the struggle for a fairer Britain49
Handbook equips us to support those who stand up to the state50