Socialist Lawyer

Issue 63
01 February 2013
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
‘We have a responsibility to speak up for our brothers and sisters who face arbitrary arrest, detention, imprisonment and even assassination’3
International Association of Democratic Lawyers send delegation to Gaza4
How to beat the ‘Wallace courts’4
A new breed of Judge?5
Colombian Human Rights Defender Aidee Moreno visits the UK6
Finucane report ‘a whitewash’7
The market is devaluing education8
The injustice of privatisation8
Support the call to free Vadim8
Support housing workers' fight over pay cuts10
Come to Berlin with us10
It doesn't add up11
The day of the endangered lawyer12
Stop secret courts14
Syria's legal fight amid the gunfire16
Interview with Christine Blower, NUT teachers union leader18
Shell runs aground as climate campaigners win in Amsterdam court22
Oil and Nigeria26
The Human Rights Act — still under attack30
Bhagat Singh32
The ICC and Colombia: Massacres under the looking glass34
Restorative justice in Central America36
Gimme shelter: the view from the Advisory Service for Squatters
More than a football club40
Paying twice for drugs41
Positive film of uncovered negatives42
Clear-eyed vision pro-migrants42