Socialist Lawyer

Issue 65
01 October 2013
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
Austerity, legal aid, and fighting back3
Re-born in the USA4
A retrograde step5
Broken promises6
Fighting for Vadim's freedom7
Legal aid battle hots up
Carry on regardless9
Tories' contempt for the poor10
ELDH news and events11
Who is that man in the Lord Chancellor's seat? Clare Sambrook points a finger at Chris Grayling, the Tory minister enjoying his job of destroying legal aid12
New threat to the right to protest: Stephen Knight on the new arrest tactic to include legal observers and Michael Goold and Emily Elliott on an important victory in the High Court against the Met police and its kettling actions14
Eddie Gilfoyle: miscarriage of justice: Jacob Bindman on the tragic suicide which inexplicably became a murder18
Kenya: a new constitution: Willy Mutunga on the culmination of almost five decades of struggles20
The poetry of Talha Ahsan: who is currently in pre-trial solitary confinement in a supermax prison since his extradition to the USA with co-defendant Babar Ahmad24
Ballots or banners?: Film maker Pablo Navarrete looks at how student protests in Chile have a political dimension26
Extortion, torture, death: price of migration to US: Fiona McPhail reports from the preliminary hearing of the international Permanent People's Tribunal in Mexico City28
It started with a bus fare increase…: Rio-based Damian Platt analyses Brazil's 2013 mass demonstrations30
What lies behind the ‘urban crisis’? Joviano Mayer and William Azalim look at the roots of the anger in Brazil34
Agreement of the people: Paul Feldman on the campaign for a British constitution38
Rights or wrongs?: Bill Bowring replies to David Renton's ‘Do socialists still have an alternative concept of rights?’40
Self determination: Steven Walker looks at what influenced young Cuban lawyer Fidel Castro43
Uncovering decades of deception44
A special practice45
Institutional culpability45
Original and gripping46
Expertly done46